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Puppy classes: – Learn how to control your dog, teach your dog to come back to you Does your dog pull on the lead? We can show you how to cure this.
Socialise your dog so it gets used to other dogs and people.
We also deal with any problems you might have.

We run progression classes following the puppy course.

We also run classes for older dogs and rescue dogs.
For those interested in competitive dog training we run separate classes.


We have over 25 years experience.
Our instructors are fully qualified and members of the

Our success rate is very impressive

Puppy class:- 7-8pm. Progression classes 8-1Opm
Competition class WEDNESDAY 7-30-9-30pm.
Problem solving and personal training is also available in your own home

FOR FURTHER DETAILS Phone/Fax. 01908 505577

John McNeil MBIPDT. Adv.
Bacon House Farm, Warren Road, Little Horwood, Milton Keynes, MK17 0PT

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“I am very pleased with the improvements in Bella’s behaviour, there is a big difference in her! Now it is easier to control her and I am confident that she will improve more and more! Thank you!”



“We could not have managed Tom’s barking without your classes! Thanks to your patience and professionalism, our dog’s behaviour changed immediately and I think our neighbours are even happier than us!”

Martin, Carey London Ltd


“My dog had a problem of separation anxiety and It was impossible to deal with him. He did not want to eat sometimes. We were desperate. After one month, Molly is another dog. I don’t know how you guys did it, but it’s amazing. Thank you!”

Dan, Simply Removals